The idea was to make coffee cups that look like coffee beans when they’re paired together. I designed 4 coffee mugs that also make coffee bean-shaped pairs when they're put together. I added fun, multicolored text that makes the pairs of mugs work together even better. When put together the pairs of mugs read “Good Morning” and “Coffee Time”, “Good Time” and “Coffee Morning”. They are interchangeable.

I wanted to design fun, cute looking mugs that would make mornings a bit more bearable for people. I also wanted them do look elegant and interesting and I feel like the coffee bean shape gives them that look. 

These mugs are part of a series of unique designs for kitchen items: Olive Oil Bottle, Avocado Oil Bottle and Coffee Bean Mugs. They can individually or work as a set.
Coffee Bean
Separate Mugs
Use Cases
Use Case 1
Use Case 2
Design Process
Ideas and Sketches
Digital Mockups
• Coconut-shaped 4th of July smoothie cups. They’re sold in Boston on the 4th of July and they’re filled with the consumer’s smoothie of choice.
• Salt and pepper shakers that make an interesting design together and can be separated in a way
that is similar to my design.
Here are some examples: pepper-shakers-love-and-hugs-salt-and-cute-salt-and-pepper-shakers-uk/ entwined+s.jpg?format=500w

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