This is a personal/school project
Note: diversity is very important to me and I would have used more diverse "models" if I had the option (I downloaded CC0 photos off of Pixabay and my options were relatively limited. Most of the photos that suited my needs featured white models). 
Hover over the bottles to see the flavors. Click on the bottles to zoom in.
Initially, I worked on this project for a class assignment (the assignment was to come up with a name for a beer for young adults and design 1-2 ads and the labels for 1 beer bottle). Then I expanded it.
Bottle Design
I designed the color and labels for the beer bottle (not the shape) and came up with the name, colors and brand idea. The idea was to have a unicorn that's made of mist on the label. The vibrant colors of the unicorn give the brand a unique look that draws attention and reminds the target audience of the lights in bars and nightclubs. 
I used clear plastic for the label and gave it an oval shape to make it interesting. 
Fairy tale, unicorns and space
Myst is a combination of mist and mystic (a unicorn is a mystic creature)
Target Audience
Young adults who loved fairy tales and unicorns when they were younger and still do to some degree.  
Poster locations: nightclubs, bars and convenience stores that sell alcohol
Additional advertising: social media advertising and presence, fun Snapchat lenses
Hashtags: #PartyLikeAUnicorn #MystUniconBeer #MystBeer
Events: Unicorn & fairy tale themed parties in nightclubs and bars (e.g. unicorn themed halloween party with lots of unicorn candy)
Snapchat Lens
The lens enables the user to explore the different beer flavors/colors. It basically turns the user into a unicorn by placing a horn on their forehead. The beer is featured on the bottom left part of the screen and the user can change the flavor. The horn is the same color as the beer and it has white fairy dust coming out of it. The color of the lips may also change to the color of the beer, depending on the flavor/color (pink/Scotch Ale, blue/Light Ale, red/Red Ale and purple/Blonde Ale only). 
Inspiration: Snapchat lenses that add fake ears/hats/sunglasses and enable users to change their makeup and hair color.

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